Granado Espada

Hey there, another day has dawned and I’m still really tired.
Not cause I stayed up to like 5 am or anything, no….Okay so maybe I did.
I did it for good reason though. I was up playing an online game called Sword/Granado Espada, I really like it and I think it is pretty fun even if the missions feel dated to me.

Sword gets a 3 star review from me.

I think that the characters are all pretty nice, but you have to go through a lot to unlock them, and also the characters have to have certain things set to do what you want them to do. For instance scouts have to have daggers equipped or they can’t fight and can only heal. You can go and buy them at the market but you need the special currency “Shiny Crystals” to actually get them, even then you can only buy “pioneer” ones that aren’t very good and won’t help when your character levels.

My current team consists of two long range and one short range character, one musketeer, wizard and scout. I took them out to fight and leveled my scout up to level 8 (I could then give her a set of daggers I picked up while fighting). Scouts will level with the other characters until a certain stage (Without weapons), this is when they must heal more to level. The controls for healing is a little tricky to get to at first but if you are quick then it should be no problem. I then made sure both the musketeer and wizard were leveling together ( This however is not easy seeing it doesn’t give you a gauge etc).

This game is flawed like any other and has a weird glitch with a woman’s dress (It stretches out to fill the whole screen at certain times but it actually isn’t that bad to work with) but all in all I’d give it a 3 out of 5. It lags if there are too many people in one channel, it freezes up sometimes, there are a few glitches in the textures etc. All this and I still wanna play it.

Anyway, thanks for reading this pretty bad post of me…ahem…’reviewing’ a game.
I know, I’ll stay away from the reviews in the future but I just thought I’d write about this cause I actually really like the game.
Okay, bye now. Have a nice day!

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Hey, so I thought I’d sit and ramble on about school for a little while.
Yup like any normal 15-year-old girl I go to school and just simply try to get by, I’m shy, quirky, protective and a little sarcastic at times. This however isn’t enough? No, I am MYSELF and will stay that way. I live in a place where everyone around me thinks purely about three things: Alcohol, drugs and sex.
Yep, I know, life got that bad.
Apparently even if I try to be ‘pretty’ or ‘skinny enough’ to be friends with others it isn’t enough. These are thoughts I had on my first year at high school. ‘I was so happy at first when I thought I’d meet all these new amazing people’ Is what I wish I could say. Me? I was the one that sat thinking that it was just gonna be like school all over again, cause no matter where you go there will always be a bully.
So, yup. I sit in class and hear all the ‘popular’ ones bitch and moan about each other, then plan out how they will lie to their parents in order to go out drinking, how fun.
It’s true that they all have feelings and stuff too and I understand, but it’s the fact that when everyone else leaves them and they get upset I’m the one they go to for advice! That there is just a big middle finger to me. You see like any normal school or high school people think it’s funny to throw things at other people, normally aiming for me or my friends. I have a friend that takes panic attacks and such when things are thrown at her, so naturally like any good friend I’m protective of her and don’t want her to take one because she feels horrible afterwards.
If she takes a panic attack I stay by her side, but trust me I don’t let them get away with it.
I can be a pretty nasty piece of work when it comes to people talking about me or my friends, so that’s not really a good move. I’m normally pretty happy and carefree but sometimes, like all people, I need my space. I’m lucky to have good friends in my school, on the internet etc, that help me get through the days. Thanks for reading my crappy rant on this random subject xD. I should probably continue this and stay on subject, but for now I’ll be seeing ya. ~ Catch me on my Tumblr for random posts about nonesense xD ~ Ask me some questions on here. ~ Art is a part of my life. :3 ~ Annnd I don’t really like Twitter, but here.

Laughing So Hard Right Now!

I can’t believe it, me and my friend found this after sooooo long.
It’s actually ridiculous how much we laughed at it!

U2- With or without you
I’m shaking. This is truly a song I love. I saw it and took out my earphones, plugged them in and listened. I closed my eyes and listened because this song was just for me. I was previously blasting my music out despite the fact it’s 1am, but for almost 5 mins the house fell silent. This was just for my ears and I hold this song dear to me. I love U2 and when I say that you know I mean it. I was silently crying all throughout this song, then unplugged my earphones when it finished and continued. My life feeling new.
I thought I would write this post to give you an insight on my connection with music. It’s my first love and is my life.